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Pain-free Anesthesia

by Admin / 10 December 2020 / Kategori Dental

At Safedent dental clinic, we are proud to offer a completely revolutionary anesthesia technique. Either osteocentral anesthesia or the "magic wand" as we call it . A much less invasive and traumatic technique for you and especially Children.

The penetration of a tiny needle that you cannot see and the gradual injection are controlled electronically. Electronic controls allow the anesthetic product to be brought as close as possible to the dental apices (ends of the roots). The peripheral tissues are therefore not anesthetized. Only the teeth are anesthetized. You therefore no longer has the sensation of swelling of the lip, tongue and cheek as before.

Osteocentral anesthesia is much more effective, safer and more comfortable than conventional anesthesia. Our QuickSleeper device can anesthetize up to 6 instant teeth, without waiting and without numbness. With this device, it is now easy to group several treatments in the same session.

Osteocentral anesthesia has established itself in many countries for its advantages:

  • Complete absence of pain.
  • No syringe, which causes apprehension in patients.
  • No waiting period, the effect of anesthesia is instantaneous.
  • Absence of paralysis of the mouth and face (no feeling of numbness in the lips, tongue and cheek or neighboring tissues).
  • Only the tooth and the gum are anesthetized, and unlike conventional anesthesia both sides of the tooth are anesthetized. The patient therefore no longer feels any pain.
  • A small quantity of anesthetic products is sufficient to anesthetize in general a group of three to four adjacent teeth.
  • The possibility of treating several teeth at the same time thus reduces the number of sessions required.

This type of anesthesia is done without any pain: no more stress or fear!

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